Thursday, March 18, 2010

Moisture Stress- Contributing Factor to Low Productivity in Apple

This post is in continuation of our earlier post on Canopy Management - Contributing factor to Low Productivity in Apple part of our series on Low Productivity in Apple: Contributing factors in Himachal Pradesh

Moisture Stress

The apple farming in Himachal Pradesh has been developed under rainfed conditions, and serious moisture stress is commonly experienced at critical stages of plant growth and development, particularly between April and June and later on from September to November.
Though rainfall is sufficient, it is not well distributed. Because of steep hilly terrain, the rainwater generally flows down with high velocity resulting in low rate of absorption in the soil. There is a need to adopt technologies for in situ conservation of rainwater, harvesting of rainwater and its utilization during the critical periods through high efficiency irrigation systems.

This post is part of our series on Low Productivity in Apple: Contributing factors in Himachal Pradesh. Entire series is coverted through following topics

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