Thursday, March 18, 2010

Environmental Factors- Contributing Factor towards Low Productivity in Apple

This post is in continuation of our earlier post on Old and Senile Orchards - Contributing to low productivity in Apple part of our series on Low Productivity in Apple: Contributing factors in Himachal Pradesh

Pest and Diseases

A number of pests and diseases have been found to affect the apple orchards. Besides apple scab, which first appeared in epidemic form during the year 1985-86, the emergence of some new pests and diseases like premature leaf fall and red spider mite, has been one of the most potent reasons for low productivity.

Adequate measures need to be taken to control these serious pests, in order to improve productivity and reduce losses.

Environmental Factors

The changing weather pattern seems to be the most important single factor responsible for the declining productivity of apple crops in the state. The reduction in annual snowfall and prolonged dry spells in the winter have become a regular feature, leading to a wide variation between day and night temperatures. Fluctuating temperatures during flowering period, particularly rains accompanied by low temperature, adversely affects the pollination due to restricted bee activity and retarded pollen tube growth. The occurrence of hail in many areas is a regular feature, and heavy losses are incurred due to these natural calamities thereby contributing to low productivity.

This post is part of our series on Low Productivity in Apple: Contributing factors in Himachal Pradesh. Entire series is coverted through following topics

to be continued with the strategies to over come these bottlenecks..............................

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