Thursday, March 18, 2010

Genetic Potential of a Cultivar

This is in continuation with the previous post on Low Productivity in Apple: Contributing factors in Himachal Pradesh

Genetic Potential of the Cultivar

In Himachal Pradesh, the Delicious group of apple varieties predominate. The horticulture census data (1989-90) have revealed that almost 90 per cent of the total apple plantation comprises the Delicious group of apples. These varieties are in general shy bearers, self-unfruitful and have strong tendency toward alternate bearing after a few years of commercial production. These varieties are also highly susceptible to temperature fluctuations during the flowering period resulting in low fruit set.

The majority of the apple plantations in HP have been developed on seedling rootstock, which do not have uniformity in production but produce vigorous plants with long gestation period. This is also one of the contributory factors for low productivity of apples per unit area.

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