Monday, March 8, 2010

Low Productivity in Apple: Contributing factors in Himachal Pradesh

The production data of apples in Himachal Pradesh reveal that there was considerable fluctuation in yield over years. The productivity of apples has been calculated on the basis of total production during a particular year divided by the estimated bearing area over ten years of age in the respective year.
The productivity has declined during the past thirty years has declined considerable from 6.5 mt/ha to nearly 4.5mt/ha thereby showing a decrease of thirty percent.

Causes of Low Production
Yield per hectare is the real indication of efficiency of the management in orchards. The decline in productivity of apple orchards in past few years has, therefore become a matter of concern to apple growers in Himachal Pradesh. The factors which affect the yield are the genetic potential of the varieties planted, the effect of climatic and environmental conditions and the management technology employed by the growers. The following major causes have been identified as responsible for low productivity in the apple orchards in Himachal Pradesh.

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