Sunday, March 29, 2020

Apple Tree Diseases: Objective questions on apple diseases.

Yesterday I started working on objective type questions for the diseases of apple crops. In this series I am going to  post fill in the blanks. Here are few fill in the blanks for apple diseases.

Fill in the blanks

  1. Apple scab is caused by _______________ is telomorph, whereas, anamorph of the fungus is ______________.
  2. Apple scab disease perinnates in ____________and primary infection is caused by ______________.
  3. Leaf __________period and _____________plays important role in primary infection of apple scab.
  4. Secondary source of inoculum for scab development is __________.
  5. Application of _________to leaf litter during fall (when more than 80% leaves have fallen) hasten decomposition of leaves due to microbial action and reduces primary inoculum.
  6. In case of fire blight of apple, tips of young infected shoots wilt, forming a very typical ________________symptom.
  7. The fire blight bacteria ____________in bark tissues along the edges of cankers caused by infections during previous years.
  8. The Erwinina amylovora penetrate the tree through __________or ______________.
  9. Secondary infection of Erwinina amylovora arises from _______of fresh infections.
  10. Podosphaera leucotricha overwinters in the ____________that had been infected in the preceding growing season.

You may answer these questions in comment section. I shall be answering these in comment section tomorrow. 

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  1. 1. Venturia inaequalis (telomorph), Spilocaea pomi (Anamorph)
    2. Pseudothecia, Ascospores
    3. wetness, temperature
    4. airborne conidia
    5. 5% urea
    6. shepherd's crook
    7. overwinter
    8. natural openings or wounds
    9. ooze
    10. dormant buds