Monday, January 17, 2011

Competition and Rhizosphere Competence

This post is in continuation with my previous posts on Mechanisms of Anti-fungal Actions of Trichoderma A Magical Plant Health Manager. Today I shall be discussing about the most accepted mechanism of antifungal action Biological Control Agents (BCAs) i.e. Competition and Rhizosphere Competence

Competition is considered as 'classical' mechanism of biological control. It involves competition between antagonist and plant pathogen for space and nutrients. The idea of the involvement of this mechanism in biocontrol by Trichoderma has gained popularity in recent years.

The omnipresence of Trichoderma in agricultural and natural soils throughout the world proves that it must be an excellent competitor. For example, B. cineria conidia require external nutrients for germination and infection when conidia of Trichoderma sp were applied to leaves, germination of conidia of the pathogen was slowed, an effect attributed in part to competition. The competitive ability of Trichoderma and therefore its biocontrol potential is affected by soil properties.
In coming posts I shall be talking about Siderophore Production by the Trichoderma species. These help in plant growth promotion........

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