Saturday, January 15, 2011

Antibiosis: Mechanisms of Antifungal Action

This post is a continuing series of the Trichoderma a Magical Plant Health Manager:
This is the second major mechanism implicated in the biocontrol of pathogens by Trichoderma. Trichoderma species are reported to produce a number of antibiotics. These include gliotoxin and glioviridin from T. virens, viridin, alkyl pyrones, isonitriles, polyketides, peptaibols, diketopiperazines, sesquiterpenes and some steroids from other Trichoderma species.
My next post will be on the most accepted mechanism of anti-fungal action of the BCAs i.e. Competition .


  1. A large number of oil palm tress in Malaysia are infested by Ganoderma. We wish you would advise us on its treatment and control.

    David Wong
    hp 016-2183289

  2. Dear David though I do not know much about palm trees but for controlling Ganoderma drenching with carbendazim @.1% solution could be a good idea followed by drenching with some m.o. consortium. This just a suggestion I must say but if can send me some photographs I shall be able to look further in the matter......

  3. Carbendazim 50 WP (.1%) of the formulated product....