Monday, April 6, 2020

Fruit Tree Problems: Multiple Choice Questions on Pineapple diseases

Yesterday I posted questions on Jack Fruit diseases. Today I am posting questions on  pineapple diseases. These will help you to understand the crop better. You may answer these questions in comment box.

Q 1 Heart rot of pineapple caused by
a. Phytophthora cinnamomi
c. Phytopthora palmivora
b. Phytophthora cactorum
d. Phytophthora nicotianae
Q 2 Epidemiological conditions that favours heart rot diseases development are
a. Poor drainage
c. Alkaline soils
b. Cool and wet soils
d. All of these
Q 3 Heart rot of pineapple overwinters in the form of
a. Oospores
c. Sporangia
b. Zoospores
d. None of these
Q 4 Heart rot of pineapple can be managed by
a. Avoiding deep planting
c. Removal and destruction of diseased plant
b. Application of Bordeaux mixture
d. All of these
Q 5 Base rot is caused by
a. Ceratocystis fibriata
c. Cyratocystis platani
b. Cyratocystis paradoxa
d. Cyratocystis piceae
Q 6 Pineapple wilt virus is transmitted by
a. Aphids (Aphis gossypii)
c. Mealy bug (Dysmicocus brevipes)
b. Mite (Eriophyes inaequalis)
d. Seed corn maggot (Hylemyia cilicrura)
Q 7 Select the true statement with relation to pineapple wilt virus
a. High soil N reduces disease incidence
c. Hot water treatment can be done at 52oC
b. Hot water treatment can be done at 45oC
d. Low soil N reduces the disease incidence
Q 8 Pink disease of pineapple is caused by
a. Pantoea citrea
c. Botryobasidium salmonicolaor
b. Corticium salmonicolor
d. None of these
Q 9 Pineapple fruitlet core rot disease is caused by
a. Penicillium spp
c. Aspergillus spp.
b. Rhyzopus spp.
d. All of these
Q 10 Pantoea citrea is a
a. Gram-negative
c. facultative anaerobic
b. non-spore forming
d. All of these

Tomorrow I shall be posting the answers in comment box

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