Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Apple Tree: High Density Plantation: Apple Rootstock

This post is in continuation to my previous post on High Density Plantation: Advantages of smaller trees.

What is rootstock?
Rootstock is the root system and a small proportion of the lower trunk of most apple trees. Grafting the genetically distinct fruiting part of the tree, the scion, on the rootstock forms whole tree. Occasionally a third genetically distinct component, an interstock or interstem, is grafted between rootstock and scion.

Why rootstocks are used?
Its really difficult to propagate the scions directly, but the rootstocks can be propagated easily that’s why rootstocks are used in apple propagation whether seedling or clonal rootstocks. Next question comes to the mind that why clonal rootstocks when seedling rootstocks are available and are propagated easily. Its true that seedling rootstocks can be propagated easily but these vary in genetic make up because its a sexual propagule, therefore it is bound to produce a different reaction to the scion. This means that you can not expect the plant to produce the same quality as of the parent. Whereas the clonal rootstock is produced through vegetative means thus have same genetic print that gives assurance that reaction to the scion will be the same that means there is most likely same quality of the plants and fruits can be produced.

In coming post I shall be discussing about Advantages of clonal rootstocks

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