Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Apple Tree: Low Productivity in Apple: Strategies to Overcome

This post is in continuation to my previous post on Short term strategies to overcome the low productivity problems in apple
Following are the strategies that are needed to be adopted and farmers at field level are to be made aware of these strategies: There are two types of strategies viz. Short term strategies and Long term strategies Here I shall be discussing the Long Term Strategies to Overcome the Low Productivity in Apple
  • Promoting high density plantation by using suitable rootstock and Spur type varieties for reducing the gestation period and increasing production per unit area
  • Phasing out old plantations, which have completed their economic life, and replanting with new apple varieties on suitable rootstock.
  • Introducing improved varieties of apple, which are regular bearers, heavy croppers, precocious, resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses and also useful for processing purpose
  • Identification fruit trees of outstanding merit in existing apple plantations for use as mother trees when establishing future orchards
  • Developing of infrastructure and facilities for multiplication of certified virus tested planting material of apple rootstock and scion varieties for use in future apple orchards
  • Expansion of area under improved varieties of apple
In coming posts I shall be discussing about plant health management.

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